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the London Buddhist : Reflections

Reflections on Time


Reflections on Time

Why, with an ever increasing abundance of time-saving technologies, does everyone seem to be increasingly busy? Singhamanas reflects on our perception of time and how this fundamentally affect our experience of life.

Reflections on Sandra the Orangutan & Wild Law

Reflections on Wild Law

Whose Law is it anyway?
A recent court case involving a primate prompts reflections on how our Judicial Law simultaneously represents and determines our deep-rooted world-view.

Reflections on Death


Reflections on Death

Priyavajra reflects on the story of Rob Hall, a climbing visionary and entrepreneur who met his death on the south summit of Mount Everest.

Reflections on Communal Living


Reflections on Communal Living

Catch a glimpse of life in a residential Buddhist community in the heart of East London.



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